The M1 is a revolutionary designed force fed paintball loader.
The design allows the M1 to operate without batteries ,PCBA and a motor.
It’s also environmentally friendly loader.




SIZE: L:255mm × W:110mm × H:140mm
CAPACITY: 180 paintballs.
EFFICIENCY: A single full wind of power spring feeds 90-100 paintballs.
FEED RATE: 11+bps.
WEIGHT: 1.0lbs.

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What is the main power of M1 mechanical loader? Is it a force feed loader?

Yes, M1 loader is a patent mechanical structure force feed loader. No batteries, motor and PCB are required, only a spring as loader’s main power.

Will M1 loader cause feed screw a free spin when players were run out of balls or less few balls?

Definitely no. A special patent structure in M1 loader, Anti-free Spin Technology, prevent feed screw spin faster. Therefore, during this situation, feed screw will spin in a stable speed.

What is the capacity of M1 loader? How many balls deliver in a single full wind?

The capacity is 180 balls. 90-100 balls can deliver in a single full wind.

What kind of paintball marker is compatible with M1 loader?

Both electronic and mechanical paintball markers are compatible with M1 loader. Players who match M1 loader with electronic paintball markers, we suggest players turn on the sense eyes.

Is M1 loader easy to disassemble and maintain?

Absolutely. All users need is a screwdriver. Loosen 4 screws to remove top shell and bottom shell. Users only have to open top shell during general maintenance.

How to obtain M1 loader’s energy status during operation?

M1 loader has an Energy status indicator for users to obtain M1 loader’s input and output energy status immediately.

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